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Through the Trees to the Mountains 2.0

Through the Trees to the Mountains , Art on Main, 25 W Main Street, Auburn wa 98001

An installation by artist Thendara M Kida-Gee Sponsored by the Auburn Arts Commission


Coming this April 20th A new installation - working on the theme of the last through the trees to the mountains is the world evolving from my first world created in Through the Trees (Shunpike Storefronts 2016) This time things are different, from more raw organic set of trees with digital highlights towards a more digital plastic world…. shh don’t want to say too much just yet.It will be in situ nearly four months so plenty of time. There is a coffee shop right next door to the window gallery, so pop in get a coffee check out my mountains and then list all the other great public art auburn has to offer!

Come one come all- Bemis Fall exhibition 2015!!!

This year I got my act into gear and applied to be a part of the Bemis Fall show!

I have been thinking on it for a few years and took action and am really excited to be a part of a show filled with great artists in a fantastic piece of historic Seattle, The Bemis building.

I will be showing my Recycled Landscapes and look forward to seeing you down south.

Come down see some art, meet some artists, maybe even take a piece home?!

More information :Bemis Arts


Recycled Landscapes

Recycled Landscapes, create you own scape.

Initially these were started creating the spaces in between trees, the color of light hitting through trees and creating a glow. Then they became line obsessed color palettes which when covered in resin looked like they should be installed in someones kitchen back splash. Now they are just a relaxation with nothing else is pressing on my mind.

This is my 6x6 size  they fit into my modular collage realm of creating your own Scape with pieces I supply -Interactive. 

They are all made from my recycled landscapes discipline of using rubbish photos to create new, abstract landscapes, innerscapes, outerscapes somewherescapes. After being covered in individually cut pieces, and I haveI fit the puzzle together the whole thing is covered in jeweler's grade resin (non yellowing.)

I would like to see how someone else would hang these