Recycled Landscapes

These collages utilize the dross of the past two decades as a photographer who has held onto all their photos including the not so good ones. Instead of letting them rot in a box I wanted to give them new life in an imaginary landscape.This is what I used to say when I explained to people what my self recycling process began. However when I began doing these collages I never dreamt they would go so far and people would be collecting them and that I would in fact be working towards creating a whole new world in Recycled Landscapes through my ongoing project Through the Trees. So now I shoot especially to create a color pallet for a particular piece- sometimes I just want to work with new colors I find that day, sometimes I go hunting for colors, it has in fact become a process unto itself.

I am an artist with technical leanings and I find these collages meld between semi organic and some digital in their appearance, all hand cut piece by piece, a permanent collage mandala. I intend to create landscapes to phase out on hopefully relaxing the eyes after a hard days brow furrowing. Inspired heavily by the presence of my daughter in my life and dissecting and amending visual communication to relate on a simpler plane of understanding. This work is heavily reliant on an OCD need to have a repetitive task to meditate on cutting each piece individually, none of the pieces mean much on their own but together they make something more then what they were (taking up space on my shelf.) To create something beautiful from the left behind. Trying to create an artistic process in line with holistic earth living authenticity I am my own self supplying art maker as long as I remain also a photographer and i trust that photography flows through my life as sure as breath.

Mountain Deep 2019

The finished Mountainscape All layers complete, you can rest now. Mountain Deep 2019 14”x24”

Detail Shots of Mountain Deep

The making process of Mountain Deep

Goldenscape 2019

Completed Moutainscape erupting in gold 2019. 18”x18” Detail shots below

Mini twin mountain set 2019

Mini Mountain scapes (each one 4”x4”) 2019

Golden Mountainscapes 2019

A Twin Set of Golden Mountainscapes 2019

The Palouse 2019

The Palouse 2019 6”x13”

Goldenscape 2019

Goldenscape 2019 4”x4”

Shunpike’s Golden Gala Auction 2018

This year as a former artist exhibiting in Shunpike’s Windows project I was invited to donate a piece of work for their silent auction included in their Golden Gala Auction, 2018. I had just completed this Golden Mountainscape and felt it fit the theme. Thank you Shunpike for all the art opportunities!

This MountainScape was a part of the Unity Show at Bemis and sold 2018

Treescape on a Mountain Range 2018


Treescape on a Mountain Range 2018

Finished Mountainscape 2019 Detail shots below. 18”x18”

Snowed in on a Treescape Mountain Range 2018

Snowed in on a Treescape Range 2018. 12”x24” Inspired by a trip a few years back to Montana when in the same week we experienced both 90 degrees and then later in the week snow.

Seattle Gradation on a Mid Autumn's Day 2015

Seattle skies at many points through out the year 2015. 15” x 24”

Mountainscape 2016

dry mountain 2015

dry mountain 2015


Drought beyond the Mountains, 2015

Mountainscape, The In Between and Urban Crunch 2014

Mountains 2013

Recollections inspired by the Cascade Mt range.

I never knew I loved mountains til I lived here.

The Palouse 2013

A Series of works inspired by explorations of Eastern Washington.

Recycled Landscapes of the Palouse; photographic collage , coated in Jewelers grade resin.

The differences of East and West are mannied and varied, none as great to behold as the scenery.

A Triptych inspried by a tour of Eastern Washington that included the Palouse.

A collage Inspired by the Palouse, Eastern Washington Wheat Farming land.

The Rookery Project 2013

Curated by Julie Rackley and Valaree Cox 

Hardboard Heron Forms cut by June Sekiguchi

Modular Collage

Tiles of nature inspired colors to be combined to your choosing.

Inspired from seeing the sun through the trees on many forested adventures.

All created from Recycled Landscapes methodology and coated in jewelers grade resin. 

Sound Wave in Progress 2013

Soundwave in progress

Copper Weave 2013


Recycled Landscapes 2009-2012