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Kitsap Shores

A visit to Joemma Beach State Park , nice walk with a dog and a camera and perhaps a fun resistant teen. Some photographs I am just finding that have been sat here since last year waiting for me to play with them…. a meander on the coast in better weather as I manage to immerse myself in sunny topics while in the midst of a day long down pour!

the local mall

Some images coming soon from the local shopping mall, here’s a taster.

My local mall fascinates me, it is like malls from the 90’s in Buffalo, the first generation malls that were fading out but still sat there open despite a lack of businesses, maybe more for the mall walkers who started early and lapped you at least a few times. I often wonder why I am drawn to places like this. Was it growing up in a city with a downtown that perpetually faded through my childhood? IS it finding beauty in places that others no longer see as valid, as cool as the place to go.

Abandoned on the way out of the Rainforest

noticed this place as we entered the rain forest back in the spring, then managed to do a bit of puttering about before heading home. Talula didn’t fancy a poke about and stayed in the car, I saw there was an area that looked freshly used and perhaps inhabited so I stayed away from that area. Was a brilliant few days with both nature and some beloved dilapidation.

A&W closed down in Port Orchard, this was the final sale.

so a historical burger joint in Port Orchard closed two years into us living here. it had occupied the space for fifty years. I had wanted to photograph it when it was fully functioning and took it for granted, as a local institution that it would remain. A missed opportunity was not completely lost when they had a closing down sale and I asked if I might photograph the place in the consequence of it’s ending. These are just a few of the photographs from the restaurant that I have processed so far , more to come.

Goodbye A&W Port Orchard, thank you for letting me take these images away with me as a memento.


as we enter the autumn and the news is intense I make sure to make space to step away from everything news oriented and do some art. This has been a big art week. I’ve been creating new collages, covering finished pieces in resin and processing photos I took when the weather was warm. These beauties are from a friend’s childhood home I had the chance to explore with her. more to come as a imagine the need to create and perhaps break from news is not going to fade anytime soon.

Exciting exhibition news to come!

When you can be happy with a blurry photo......

Greenwich park 2006

sometimes a blurry photo can be more evocative then a crisp cleanly shot image.

sometimes the blurry can make the photo.

sometimes the blur mimics the memory, a rough estimation of what was both on film as well as in mind.

this is Greenwich Park, London, 2006 shot on 120 film with a holga camera