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Recycled Landscapes

Recycled Landscapes, create you own scape.

Initially these were started creating the spaces in between trees, the color of light hitting through trees and creating a glow. Then they became line obsessed color palettes which when covered in resin looked like they should be installed in someones kitchen back splash. Now they are just a relaxation with nothing else is pressing on my mind.

This is my 6x6 size  they fit into my modular collage realm of creating your own Scape with pieces I supply -Interactive. 

They are all made from my recycled landscapes discipline of using rubbish photos to create new, abstract landscapes, innerscapes, outerscapes somewherescapes. After being covered in individually cut pieces, and I haveI fit the puzzle together the whole thing is covered in jeweler's grade resin (non yellowing.)

I would like to see how someone else would hang these