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Welcome to the other side of the Sound

Shifting life from East of the Puget Sound to West of the puget sound has been a big deal for me and my family this year. We left our home in North Seattle for the past eight years to live more deliberately. To farm our own vegetables for food to be in the outdoors more then the indoors, to be out of city life.

I feel like a recovering city liver. My fascination with cities spanned many years and many cities, a love affair or series of love affairs with cities. An escape from the city of Buffalo at age 18 was not too soon enough for me, grown up with ridiculous snow every year and the ridiculous necessity for life to function as normal through said ridiculous snow. The affair was between mostly I andSan Francisco and London then an escape to Seattle where initially things felt more spacious a city wild balance I could handle, but living here the wild began t want more space in my life- to consume me to the point of a city being visited vs the woods being visited and the city always what I would return to...Seattle has grown up since I have been visiting - our relationship beginning back in 1997 when my parents moved here ending my long term relationship with the city of Buffalo as the home which would ever be returned to over and over. Seattle certainly is a different kettle of fish since I met it back then, in the 90's.

It is thriving and providing all the things people look to for a city to do. Having acquired autoimmune diseases since arriving in America- and battling through living as healthfully as possible, food as medicine it was just a question of time before the desire to grow food came into play...after over a year of searching we finally found a place to grow food, grow ourselves and indeed create! The creations can get larger as work space has improved - dedicated space to work with both messier/stinkier projects as well as the none so.

I look forward to sharing this journey but mostly, firstly, living it!!!