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Abandoned on the way out of the Rainforest

noticed this place as we entered the rain forest back in the spring, then managed to do a bit of puttering about before heading home. Talula didn’t fancy a poke about and stayed in the car, I saw there was an area that looked freshly used and perhaps inhabited so I stayed away from that area. Was a brilliant few days with both nature and some beloved dilapidation.

Northern State Farm

It has been awhile since I had visited this special place. To see it in such a state I was glad I came when I did.  Two different roofs collapsed, photographs there only memory of being whole.

weird to see something, actively pursue visiting some place where the decline is fast and no one is stopping it. the details wash away, distilled into some vague form of what used to be there, like having applied a photoshop filter too often and ended up with some vague recollection of what was. 

Interesting day in all the skies were filled with fire smoke from Everett Northwards, really weird, I have never lived someplace where I experienced the repercussions of forest fires before.

Can't say it makes me happy, in fact it makes me cry for the trees an awful lot but people who know me probably wouldn't be too surprised about this, I have empathy to spare, and some seem to have none.