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Kitsap Shores

A visit to Joemma Beach State Park , nice walk with a dog and a camera and perhaps a fun resistant teen. Some photographs I am just finding that have been sat here since last year waiting for me to play with them…. a meander on the coast in better weather as I manage to immerse myself in sunny topics while in the midst of a day long down pour!

Particles on the Wall comes to Walla Walla

Wow, Whitman College in Walla Walla Washington has to be the most words beginning with W I have ever used in a sequence.
 Maybe I have been too timid with my use of W's an should therefore make an effort to expand such W based sentences.

April, 1st the show opens, please come over to Eastern Washington to explore this show exploring our Nuclear State through a variety of art and discussion offered throughout it's season in Walla Walla.

Please do check it out!


Staircases of Fort Casey Whidby Island

Still life stairscapes of Fort Casey.

more sets to be viewed at This life in Ruins

set one

set two

set three

set four

Fort Casey LightHouse