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The Rookery Project Closing Reception

The Issaquah Highland's New Place for Community Art

Celebrate the Closing Reception of this Year's

Heron Rookery Project

Sips, Nibbles AND - of course - CAKE!

Saturday, September 28  6pm

Blakely Hall, 2550 NE Park Drive, Issaquah 98029

Below I have added links to the Artists (if they had no website I linked them to their Heron)  please check them out!

Jill Beppu                             Melissa Koch            Chris Maynard

Valaree Cox                         Jan Lipetz                Garima Naredi

Yiota Geroges                     Fred Lissaius           Monica Phillips

Don Haggerty                     Kelly Lyles                Julia Christensen Rackley            

Anna Macrae                                                         Liz Ruest