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The building of my Earth Cell

I have been dug into this piece for many months. it has come to a completion minus a nice  layer of resin that will smooth the whole thing over  and level it off after many layers.

Alot of waiting time for each layer to dry to be able to go forth into the unknown and see what happens next, this was not a piece with a plan or a destination. I work without an end goal alot , see where the process takes me, this piece had many new processes and materials introduced and a whole lot of learning that accompanied it which will live on in it's benefit to my practice. I wanted to share the visual journey from start til completion. The many nights possessed by the need to add  to the extravaganza that I think of as an Earth Cell.

If you could see all the potential of the earth broken into one simple cellular form this is what I imagine it might look like.

My mom thinks it looks like a dragon's eye and I am course open to interpretation. I only came to know it as an earth cell during the last ten or so layers.