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Been looking for a home

Been looking for a home we can afford on Vashon. A more deliberate life we are seeking, in addition to calm and no crazy ass commute for Tim who likes the idea of the water taxi to work and home.

I kind of freak out about proximity to the Bremerton Nuclear going ons...which usually becomes intwined with an earthquake scenario where the nuclear aspects go to hell and your skin is burning off while you try and flee the island... And those words coming from someone wanting to move there- are my thoughts just humorous or deadly deep fears- I am not sure. Then there is the arsenic and lead...

Most of the homes we have seen have been hosting at least one major foible (ie falling off a cliffside,possibly soon.) The photos seem to be greater then the actual space upon arrival.

I stopped photographing them myself but still manage a shot now and then- like this  fantastic photo above which certainly must make some greater reference to my feelings of this property?

or not. 

on the way to the island.....