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welcome 2015

It has been awhile.

I have been making and planning but not sharing so much - art hibernation. tucked away in the darkness with madness and odd sleeping hours...this is winter for me.

Not a time of outwards but inwards not a time for late nights- I used to like late nights every night, that's what nights were for to be experienced.

I used to live far different then I do now.

Neither right or wrong but this definitely more with the flow of my own rhythms then the tempestuous party animal I once was, who got not much art made due to being busy experiencing.

Been cataloging images and trying to create sense in digital image years ago we were living in london, we were outdoors people but our outdoors then was far different then now.

I am grateful to be in a place where the human capacity decreases after a spell, I can not imagine being a Londoner now,  I hunger for too much green.

A view in our London wilds of Greenwich Park, South London. Former stomping ground of Henry the VIII


We had no back garden in London but would go to Greenwich Park near every day (in the nice weather) and play frisbee.

These were the trees we knew back in the U.K

Massive tree feet