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The magic of Lime Kiln Park, San Juan Island

What an amazingly magical day. 

We went to Lime Kiln Park on a sunny Saturday. 

The Jpod had been at eleven and there were continuous movements on the horizon of the water we were guessing was something. 

Having walked to the lighthouse and back we went back up to acquire snacks from the car, some nuts, macaroons and carob brownies. 

Suddenly it was announced the J pod was returning.  We returned to the viewing area they came , and so close.

it was beautiful and brought me to tears behind my sunglasses and camera. 

good shielding. 

But from the shouts and sounds of amazement coming from around us I wasn't the only one being deeply touched. 

Thank you J pod, for your salmon eating ways established over the past eight thousand years.... 

I learned that at the whale museum...