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Noise Project on Artsync TV

I have been thoroughly enjoying an experience in noise.

I so appreciate labspace for creating this project. Thank you Labspace.

Thank you Laura Mendes & John Loerchner.

I was thinking that we feel about noise vs sound is similar to how we feel about weeds vs plants . One mans weed is another mans flower and sought after flowerbed plant.

I know this as lots of what was considered weed in Buffalo, New York is purchased in shops here.

Weeds are a matter of taste , as is what distinguishes noise from sound  from tune.

one mans noise is another's dance beat one mans symphony another's cacophony.

so my noise could be your music  but it probably isn't as I don't claim to be a musician. But a noisemaker I can do .

of a Noiseician.

Check out Laura Mendes On Artsync in Canada, discussing this fantastic project 270 artists 28 countries. Fun.